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The Lightbox feature is designed to help you select and compile any number of different and discontiguous items (including images, books, posters, etc.) from throughout the site's nine separate galleries, so as to bring those selections together in one convenient location. For example, if you are attempting to compare several images that may be located in separate galleries on the site, the Lightbox feature can quickly bring those selections together in one place for display, comparison, editing, and further selection refinement.

Adding Items to your Lightbox

To add items (images, books, posters, etc.) to your Lightbox, simply click the Lightbox check-boxes located beneath any thumbnail image to add that selection to your Lightbox. (Check-boxes are also located at the bottom of any enlargement page.) Active selections are easily identified because the check-boxes will appear bright yellow-gold (in color) once they have been selected. To remove any selection, simply click any yellow-gold check-box and that selection will revert to its un-checked state. Once you've finished making your selections simply click the "View Lightbox" link (located in the main navigation bar at the top of any page on the site) and you will be taken to the Lightbox page where your selections will be grouped together.

Editing and Refining Selections within the Lightbox

Once you have a selection of items in your Lightbox, you can remove specific items by clicking the active (yellow-gold) check-boxes located below any thumbnail image (to de-activate that selection) and then clicking the "Refresh Lightbox" link located near the upper-right of the Lightbox page. The Lightbox will be updated to reflect each change you make. And of course, if you want to add additional selections that are not currently shown in your Lightbox, simply navigate to any other location on the site that contains Lightbox check-boxes and you can add to your selections. The additional selections you make will be automatically updated when you return to the Lightbox.

Transferring Items from the Lightbox to the Shopping Cart

If you would like to purchase any of the items currently displayed in your Lightbox, you will first need to indicate your choices for print size (if you are ordering prints) and the quantity for each particular item you wish to order. Unfortunately, the Lightbox does not have the ability to anticipate your choices in relation to these specifics. To specify these choices and to add individual items to your Shopping Cart, please follow the relatively simple process outlined below:

1.   Click the thumbnail image for an item you wish to add to your cart. (You will be taken to           the Enlargement page for that item.)

2.   On the Enlargement page, indicate your choices for print size, quantity, etc., and then       click the "Add to Cart" button. You will be taken to the Shopping Cart page.

3.   From the Shopping Cart page, simply click on the "Continue Shopping" button (located       at the bottom of the page) and you will be returned to the Lightbox page.

Repeat the above process for each item you wish to add to your Shopping Cart. The process itself takes only a few seconds.

Can I save the contents of my Lightbox for viewing at a later time?

Yes. If you have enabled "accept cookies" in your browser preferences, your Lightbox selections will be saved for a period of 14-days. If you leave the site, and later return (within two-weeks) your Lightbox selections will be maintained. After 14-days, all selections stored in the Lightbox are automatically removed.

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